Re: How to make NCAR PLCHHQ use new user-supplied font?

From: Dave Kennison (kennison AT unknown)
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 12:09:25 MDT

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    PLOTCHAR would have to be changed to know about your new font. The changes
    aren't difficult, but you would have to know something about the internals
    of it.

    Just as a test, you might try this: If the format of your font is like
    that of fonts 1 through 20, swap your new font in on top of one of "font1"
    through "font20" in the "fontcaps" directory. If the format of your font
    is like that of one of the other fontcap-defined fonts, with a numeric
    identifier greater than 20, then swap the new one in on top of "fontXX",
    where "XX" is the appropriate number. Now, run a test using

          CALL PCSETI("FN",XX)

    and see if it works. In fact, if it does work, and if you can give up the
    font that you chose to clobber for the test, then you have a workaround.

    If the format of your new font is not like that of either fonts 1-20 or
    fonts 21 and beyond, then you're out of luck: PLOTCHAR won't know how to
    process it.


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