How to make NCAR PLCHHQ use new user-supplied font?

From: steve piper (piper AT unknown)
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 07:07:29 MDT

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    We would like to use a new font that we just added to the
    fontcap directories, with the name fontvax:


    We have also copied with files to font50 for testing:


    Before using PLCHHQ, we have tried setting the font with:

      call PCSETI('FN - font number',50)
      call PCSETC('FN - font name','vax')
      call PCSETC('FN - font name','fontvax')

    but the new font is not used - no success.
    We have also tried using :f50: or :fvax: in the string to be
    plotted with PLCHHQ with no success.

    Do we need to tell NCAR about the new font by entering it into a
    list or hash table somewhere in the system or is there another

    Thanks for your help,

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