CONMAP / viewports for global fields

From: Petra Seibert (petra AT unknown)
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 11:48:02 MDT

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    We seek advice on the following problem:

    We have a global field. Sometimes we want to plot the whole
    globale field, sometimes we want to zoom in on specific areas.
    By setting the PLIM values to the appropriate window, we obtain
    the lat-lon-grid and coastlines corresponding to that window,
    but the field itself is still plotted in its entirety. What to do
    to clip the field, too?

    See code segments below.

    Thank you for your advice.

    Petra Seibert

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        To plot of the whole global-field the following calls are used:

    c nxmax=361
    c nymax=181
    c numxgrid=359
    c numygrid=179
    c Inputfield:z(nxmax,nymax)

          call mapset('CO',plim1,plim2,plim3,plim4) ! select area of plot
          call maproj('CE',rlatmid,rlonmid,0.) !select map projektion

          call mapstc('OU','CO') ! choose shorelines
          call mapint ! initialize map

          call arinam(map,lmap) ! initialize areas
          call mapbla(map) ! add areas to map
          call mpsetr('GR',10.) ! set resolution of lat/long grid
          call mpsetr('GD',1.)
          call mapgrd ! plot lat/long grid
          call maplot ! plot the map
          call maplbl ! draw a perimeter

    C Settings of conpack


          call arinam(map,lmap)
          call cprect(z,nxmax,numxgrid,numygrid,rwrk,lrwk,iwrk,liwk)
          call cppkcl(z,rwrk,iwrk)

          call cpback(z,rwrk,iwrk) ! Draw perimeter
          call cpclam(z,rwrk,iwrk,map) ! Add contours to area map
          call cplbam(z,rwrk,iwrk,map) ! Add label boxes to area map

    C Define the area shading

          call arscam(map,xwrk,ywrk,nwrk,iarea,igrp,isiz,sfill_grau)
          call cpcldm(z,rwrk,iwrk,map,cpdrpl) ! draw contours
          call cplbdr(z,rwrk,iwrk) ! draw labels

          call mapgrd ! plot lat/long grid
          call maplot ! plot the map
          call maplbl ! draw a perimeter

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