Re: Histogram

From: NCAR G Talk (ncargt AT unknown)
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 12:33:04 MST

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    > Does someone know if there some way to select the max and min value of the
    > y axis using the routines in histogram utility?
    > Thanks a lot
    > Silvio


      Understanding your goal to be able to produce many histograms with
      uniform Y-axis labels, there is currently no way to accomplish this
      without some code modifications. The Y-axis extent and labels are
      automatically computed in subroutine HISTGR (where YMAX is
      calculated). If you are wanting standard vertical histograms, then
      you can add a new real-valued parameter, settable via HSTOPR, that
      would specify the desired maximum Y-axis value. The code would
      intercept this setting and use it for the value of YMAX in HISTGR.
      - Fred Clare

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