changes needed for compilation under Linux RH 7.1 and GNU compilers

From: Mary Haley (haley AT unknown)
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 14:46:06 MDT

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    Some folks asked specifically about the changes I had to make to
    get NCAR Graphics up and running under Linux RedHat 7.1 and version
    2.96 of the GNU C and Fortran compilers.

    Below is the list of the files I had to modify to get around
    Linux/gcc/g77 problems or changes. Many thanks to Bart Brashears of
    MFG, Inc. for discovering and fixing some of these problems, and
    telling me about them:

     1. $NCARG/config/LINUX - added the line:

    #define XLibrary -lXpm -lX11 -lXext

        to make sure "-lXpm" got included during the linking phase of X
        Added the line:

    #define CppCommand '/usr/bin/cpp -traditional'

        to fix problems with the new version of the "cpp" command that
        wasn't handling some *.F files properly. Without this flag,
        cpp wasn't conserving white space, which led to Fortran lines

     10 print*

        (which won't compile), instead of lines like:

     10 print*

      2. $NCARG/ncarg2d/src/bin/psplit/psplit.c - this file had to be
         completely overhauled because of a change in the type of "fpos_t".
         "fpos_t" is no longer a scalar in version 2.96 of gcc.

      3. $NCARG/ncarg2d/src/libncarg/conpack/yMakefile

         Turned off optimization for the compilation of a couple of
         Fortran files. If I didn't, some of the "ncargex" examples would
         core dump.

      4. $NCARG/ncarg2d/src/libncarg/support/bccurv.f - added a missing
         comma in a format statmement on line 102.

      5. $NCARG/ncarview/src/lib/libctrans/X11_class0.c - added a missing
         a termination character on lines 638-639 and 863-864.

    That's all!

    --Mary Haley
      haley AT unknown

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