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From: Dave Kennison (kennison AT unknown)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 15:09:26 MDT

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    Dear Yoshihiro,

    > I have an array containing an area map (map of the southermost state of
    > brazil : rio grande do sul), as given in world coordinates attached as
    > rgs.dat. I modified the NCAR example: cpex08.f, v 1.5 1996/07/24 20:16:56
    > kennison Exp, to plot the data in MAPROJ('AE',-30.,-55.,0.).
    > The question is how to present the plotting only over the above mentioned
    > state ( rio grande do sul ) ?

    I made your program work (in some sense) by making the following changes:

    > CALL MAPITA (ALARS(1),ALORS(1),0,IAMA,1,223,0)
    > DO 999 I=2,121
    > CALL MAPITA (ALARS(I),ALORS(I),1,IAMA,1,223,0)
    > 999 CONTINUE
    > CALL MAPIQA (IAMA,1,223,0)
      < CALL MAPITA (-25.0,-45.,0,IAMA,1,223,0)
      < CALL MAPITA (-25.0,-45.,1,IAMA,1,223,0)
      < CALL MAPITA (-25.0,-75.,1,IAMA,1,223,0)
      < CALL MAPIQA (IAMA,1,223,0)
    > C CALL MAPITA (-25.0,-45.,0,IAMA,1,223,0)
    > C CALL MAPITA (-25.0,-45.,1,IAMA,1,223,0)
    > C CALL MAPITA (-25.0,-75.,1,IAMA,1,223,0)
    > C CALL MAPIQA (IAMA,1,223,0)

    The call to AREDAM was incorrect because the contents of ALARS and ALORS
    are latitudes and longitudes, rather than X and Y coordinates in the current
    "user system". One could use MAPTRN to convert them, but I chose instead to
    use MAPITA to convert the lat/lon coordinates to X/Y coordinates and put them
    into the area map one at a time and MAPIQA to terminate the process. I used
    223 for the area identifier inside the state of Rio Grande do Sul because 223
    is what the routine COLRAM recognizes as the identifier of the area in which
    to show colored contour bands and 0 outside so as not to override information
    that MAPBLA put into the area map.

    I then commented out the calls to MAPITA to put in a line at 25 South (I'm
    not sure what this was for).

    Note that there are probably other things that need to be done, but this is
    a step in the right direction and may help you understand what's going on.

    Dave Kennison

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