Re: problem with different versions of NCARG and libncarg_loc.a

From: Mary Haley (haley AT unknown)
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 07:43:17 MDT

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    > Hello,
    > I am trying to compile fortran-programs originally written for NCARG
    > version 3.1, but at our institute we have version 4.2.2 . Problems occur
    > because a library called libncarg_loc.a is needed, which is not present
    > in the 4.2.2 version (incompatible change?). As I have understood so
    > far, one way to solve this problem is to get the source-file of this
    > library and compile it myself. But where do I get it? Would this indeed
    > solve the problem?
    > Thanks for your attention,
    > Marielle Stegeman

    Dear Marielle Stegeman,

    The "libncarg_loc.a" library was combined with another NCAR Graphics
    library called "libncarg_c.a" several years ago. You can remove the
    reference to "libncarg_loc.a" from your scripts, and replace it with
    "libncarg_c.a". You will also need to link the libraries "libncarg.a"
    and "libncarg_gks.a".

    If you use the "ncargf77" and "ncargcc" compilation scripts that we
    provide, then this will take care of loading the necessary libraries
    for you, and in the correct order. You can use these scripts much
    like you use "f77" and "cc":

         ncargf77 -o program program.f
         ncargcc -o particle particle.c

    There are man pages for "ncargf77" and "ncargcc". You can also go to
    the section "Five quick steps for creating and viewing your plot" in
    the NCAR Graphics Fundamentals for information on compiling your


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