printing NCARG files on full page area

From: Alexander Kalmikov (shurik AT unknown)
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 04:26:18 MDT

Hello everybody,

I'm an MM5 user and I wonder if there is a simple answer to my question.

I'm using the NCARGRAPHICS utilities to plot and print output of MM5.
The question is how to make plots that cover full page ?

Every thing works ok till the PostScript transformation stage. I mean : the plots are created by RIP (a utility provided by MM5 people) and viewed by idt, for example.
In order to print a frame that I see on the idt screen, I've edited the 'ncarv_spool' file. In it I used the 'ctrans' command to transform the *.ncgm file to a PS file. I've used it with ' -d ps.color' option. The PostScript file it produces has too fat margins around the plot. How do I modify the margins ?

I have looked in two places for a hint: the getting started guide and the FAQ's
  1.Controlling NCGM translation
  ctrans offers a suite of command line options for controlling the translation process performed on a metafile which may ultimately determine the appearance of your plot. For a complete description of these options, see the ctrans man page.

I've tried to set the 'viewport' to be more than '1.0' .... but I guess it isn't it.

  a.. How can I get my PostScript output to cover the whole page?
  b.. With the direct PostScript driver, you can do this from within your NCAR Graphics program by setting the Ngmisc parameters "LX", "UX", "LY", and "UY" after you open GKS.

  For more information, see:

    a.. the section "Using the full page" in the GKS manual at the URL:

    b.. the man page for ngmisc_params, or

    c.. the ncargex example, wmex14.

This didn't help either. I didn't find these lines in RIP source code.
The principal question is if I can change the size of page during the translation from ngcm format to PostScript, and make the plot fill the whole page.
So, please help me if there is a simple solution.


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