ctrans error on CGM element fetching

From: Yosuke Hirata (yosuke.hirata AT unknown)
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 22:33:59 MDT

Somebody asked the same question in the mailing list long ago, but I
couldn't find any answers to this there.

I installed ncarg4.2.2 to a PC solaris 8 system from the source. It
looked successful. So I tried a sample program, "ncargex cpex08"; and
the program ran and made "cpex08.ncgm". But when I ran "ctrans -d X11
cpex08.ncgm", the following message appeared:

ctrans: FATAL - Error fetching CGM element : Error 0

I wonder what's this all about. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Yosuke Hirata


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