Appendix B: UNIX environment variables

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Before using NCAR Graphics, you must set either the NCARG_ROOT or the NCARG_BIN, NCARG_LIB, and the NCARG_INCLUDE environment variables. These variables address the directories where parts of NCAR Graphics are installed on your system and allow NCAR Graphics to be moved after it is installed.

NCAR Graphics also offers other environment variables as a shortcut, so you don't have to type the same information over and over again.

DISPLAY---This is really an X Window System environment variable, but it is listed here because it does affect NCAR Graphics output. DISPLAY sets the X Window workstation or X terminal name for displaying graphics.

GRAPHCAP---Specifies the graphics output device type for subsequent metafile translation.

NCARG_BIN---The directory where NCAR Graphics binaries are installed. If set, NCARG_BIN takes precedence over the NCARG_ROOT environment variable.

NCARG_GKS_BUFSIZE---Provides you with control over how CGM output is buffered.

NCARG_GKS_DEBUG---If set, will send debugging information about the GKS I/O subsystem to standard output.

NCARG_GKS_GENCGM---Allows you to request that the NCAR GKS package generate standard CGM rather than NCGM (NCAR-blocked CGM). Note that other NCAR Graphics utilities, such as translators, cannot read in generic CGMs yet.

NCARG_GKS_OUTPUT---Allows you to specify what file or process CGM output is directed to. By default, NCARG_GKS_OUTPUT is the file gmeta.

NCARG_INCLUDE---The directory where NCAR Graphics include files are installed.

NCARG_LIB---The directory where NCAR Graphics libraries and object files are installed.

NCARG_ROOT---The parent directory of the NCAR Graphics installation for most sites.

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